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Connections is a nightly relationship show featuring hosts Melissa Foxx, Linda Nunez, Porn Star Pete, Lizzie Said What and Mr. Punch Line who form an honest and easy-to-relate-to team that has built a passionately loyal fan base.
Each 2-hour show tackles a lifestyle or relationship topic relevant to people interested in improving themselves, dealing with the ups and downs of life and those interested in spicing up their relationships. The team, along with special guest hosts, share stories and connect the topics with humor to current events in entertainment, politics, culture, and sports.
Shows air Monday – Friday at 10PM ET on 13 different radio stations nationwide, not to include Facebook LIVE and iHeartRadio. Look below for stations in your areas!
If your online or terrestrial network or station is interested in carrying this funny, innovative and popular content, please contact Porn Star Pete at



The variety doesn’t only run through the personalities of the show. Each person brings a little ‘sumthin, sumthin,’ every night.

CONNECTIONS is ‘Going Deep’. The fab five dives into controversial topics that are pulsing through society, nothing is left unsaid from politics and our government, down to celebrities and the hottest topics.

Melissa Foxx brings the News Thang nightly, covering unique stories from around the world that don’t always make the headliners. Including FoxxOffice where Melissa covers all the details about upcoming movies.

Porn Star Pete comes in the studio with his good ole Male Sac with enlightening email responses to listeners on air. If you’re interested in a Male Sac response to something going on in your life, email Pete at PSP always digs deep to respond to our listeners.  PSP doesn’t let the past die, he gets interactive with Facebook LIVE viewers and talking ‘This Day In History’.

The studio spontaneously gets groovy with Nunez Productions and Kamikaze Karaoke.



Listen to CONNECTIONS LIVE on Facebook 5 nights a week, 10pm – 12 am, Monday through Friday. Get a little extra interaction with the personalities and talk with them in the comments during the show. Not to mention, enjoy Kamikaze Karaoke and This Day In History quizzes and games during the commercial breaks on air. Awesome perks of being apart of our Facebook LIVE interactive family, you become apart of the CONNECTIONS show.

Listen to CONNECTIONS here, on 102.5 FM WFLA!

CONNECTIONS is featured on 102.5 FM / 540 AM WFLA every Thursday at 9pm EST HERE:



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