Al’s Tarot

Tuesdays: Al Juarez visits every week to provide insight via his Tarot cards. Join us and feel his amazing energy through the airwaves.

Barry Jamieson, of Jamieson Properties Inc.

Fridays: Barry Jamieson of Jamieson Properties Inc.& Kristin Jamieson of Success Mortgage Partners comes in the studio twice a month. They give a touch of the Real Estate Market as a realtor and mortgage knowledge while also bonding over personal experiences as we roll through the segments.

AUG, Alliance of United Gamers

Thursday: It’s GAME NIGHT when these professional online gamers join us in the studio every 2nd Thursday of the month. They bring new gaming information updates and fills us in on experiences with gaming and Relationships.

Dr. Dave, Stages of Life

Wednesdays: Dr. Dave Klein of Stages of Life is a scientist chemist who’s dedicates his practices to pain management through all seasons of life. He joins us in the studio periodically through the month. He shares his insights with our audience throughout the segments.

Dr. Ken

Dr. Ken is our resident psychologist. Through his back ground in Sport and Entertainment psychology and being a Traumatic Brain Injury Specialist; He gives his insight and advice to our audience as we go through the segments of the night.